The On-line Predator Investigation Team (OPIT)

The thing abusers want most of all is silence; they want to keep the survivor quiet; they want control! A survivor is in many ways conditioned into being quiet about the abuse they have suffered. It’s a win-win situation for the abuser. It is very easy to say, “Hey just tell someone!” however, the fear, the shame is hard to overcome, but most of all is being believed. Believed that they have been abused, believed that the abuser, usually a family member or friend to the family, will be arrested and punished for the horrific crimes they subjected the survivor too.

The On-line Predator Investigation Team, initially set up in order to catch men/women who use social media in order to groom children for sex, also provides support for survivors of sexual abuse, both present and historical abuse. Why? It is because we are survivors. We understand just how hard it is to stand up.

We do, however, value the power of putting your story through the media; this is why we recommend Front Page Story. We encourage survivors to speak out, do not let the abusers to win. The blame lays at their feet. Telling your story may encourage other survivors to come forward. This could result in even more convictions.

So far, we have gained massive media coverage for our friends, and expect more stories to be published very soon.

Please try stand up and speak out, we believe in you.

Brendan (OPIT)

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