Survivors of Abuse

Why tell your story to a newspaper or magazine?

As we know all to well – in life bad things happen to good people.  Sometimes those things are so terrible that they leave the good person feeling powerless, vulnerable, shattered and beaten by the world.

That is where the law comes in and supposedly brings justice to the victims of those awful deeds.   But many people end up feeling even worse and even more helpless after justice has supposedly been served. Most often we are left disappointed and angry with some of the sentences that the abusers have been given.

Perhaps it’s because victims are expected to quietly accept that is an end to their story!

Well, IT’S NOT!  We believe there is something more important than what happens in a court of law or what judges and barristers have to say.  That thing – is what the survivor has to say.
That’s right – not victim, YOU – THE SURVIVOR.

Because if you have come out the other side of something so dark – it could have beaten you, but it didn’t – you are a survivor.

Sell Your Story

The story of what happened to YOU is YOURS to tell and we are here to help give you a voice to tell it.  To name and shame the vile, shameless abusers and to put their pictures in newspapers and magazines so other people know who they are. To warn other people what they are capable of, and most importantly, to show other survivors how important it is that they tell someone what has – or is – happening to them.

If you have been subjected to physical,  mental,  sexual or abuse of any kind.. If you have been caught in the trappings of an abuser’s web or fallen in the path of a rapist or criminal of any kind, it was not your fault.  You have a right to speak out.

Speak out to warn others.
Speak out to shame the person who put you through hell.
Speak out to show you are a survivor.

We will secure you money when your tell your story. This will be discussed on a personal, and strictly confidential basis. This is NOT an incentive for people to sell their stories, but we know that when you have been through an ordeal of a court case, or at the hands of an abuser, it is sometimes difficult to work or keep a job.  It’s not easy to concentrate so bills just keep piling up and things spiral out of control.   We at the Front Page Story Agency feel that any money is a help . We aim to get you the most money, so WE can help you.

Sell Your Story

One young woman who told her story used her money for a deposit on a flat, It really helped her move on in her new life.  Others have used it to take themselves and their families on a well deserved holiday.  Some have even donated their money to charities. Whatever you decide, it is YOUR choice.

WE only work with the top and respected publications such as, Take A Break, Bella, Chat, Pick Me Up magazine, That’s Life magazine, the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday People, plus many more

We know they will  treat you with dignity and publish your story with integrity. You can read their testimonials here.

You will be treated with care,  support and openness throughout the journey of telling your story and you are guaranteed full control at all times – meaning you get to know exactly what will be printed before it is published. I will be there with you at all times to help and guide you.

There is no need to worry or feel scared, I do will everything for you.  All you need to do is talk to me and I will sort the rest.  But please rest assured that everything you tell me will be in the strictest confidence until you decide to share your story.

So if you feel helpless and without a voice, get in touch.  Now it’s your turn to speak.

These are just a few of the stories we have done to help other survivors:

Stepfather gave me and my little sister HIV in raping us and Mum stood by him
Now aged 60, he is awaiting sentence after changing his plea to guilty on the second day of his trial this week

Sell Your Story