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‘Sell my story!’ You’re in the best place and don’t worry – everything you tell us is in confidence and nothing will be published without your written consent.

As you have come to this website the chances are you are thinking I want to sell my story, but where exactly do you start? The internet is loaded with agencies offering to sell your story for you so how do you choose which one to represent you? We are the original story agency that offer you a personal and bespoke service, we are transparent and always get the best deal for our clients. Some agencies charge a commission, WE DO NOT. Our service to you is entirely FREE of charge. Some people think that going direct to a magazine will get them more money but this isn’t always the best option, they will offer you a price if they like your story but how do you know it´s the best price! We can get you more money simply by shopping around and negotiating you a better deal for your story and often selling it more than once, quite often up to three times – getting YOU triple the amount of money. read this page for more information

Has something happened to you in your life that you think should be seen in the biggest womens mags in the UK? Have you been cheated on by a love rat Ex? Or betrayed by a family member, perhaps you have found love in an unusual way. We get your true stories published in all the best mags, from Chat, Woman’s Own, Bella to Pick Me Up, Love It and Real People. If you’re looking to sell a story, we promise to get you the very best price. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.