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You probably have lots of questions about selling your story, here are some of the most common.

If you’re thinking about selling your true story to a magazine, you’re bound to have lots of questions. Don’t worry though, everybody has lots of questions!
Photos. All stories we use will need to be supported with photographs. It may be wedding photos  family shots or just photos of you but you will need as many photographs as possible in order to illustrate your story.  Pictures you supply maybe used on occasions for our syndication department and we may publish them at our discretion. 
Below we’ve given answers to some of the most common questions about selling your story…

Q. How do I know if I have a story?

A. All of us have interesting stories to tell – and there are many good reasons for telling yours. Click here for more reasons

Q. What if I don’t think my story is good enough for a magazine?

A. Don’t worry.  Give us a call anyway and we can talk it through with you. You never know!

Q. Do you think my story will sell?

A. There are different factors to take into account with all stories, if you would like to know why your story may not sell, click here

Q. I have a story but I don’t know how to sell it, can you help?

A. Don’t worry, you are not are your own.  The majority of people who want to sell their story have never had any dealings with a journalist let alone dealt with the media. But not to worry, we are here to help you and give you free, uncomplicated and more importantly, confidential advice. Click here for a more detailed answer

Q. What happens when I have sent in my story?

A. First of all we will contact you by phone and ask you some more details about your story, find out what photographs you have and if we need any proof in the form of documents. If you are happy to continue with your story then we send your story to ALL the magazines and newspapers on your behalf.

Q. Do I have to use my real name?

A. Afraid so,  However, sometimes magazines will let us use false names  but this is usually for legal reasons, For example, if children are involved or if your safety is at risk. We can talk about this with you.

Q. Can my story be used without my knowledge or permission?

A. Absolutely NOT. We need your permission to sell your story. We will also send you a contract before anything at all is published and it confirms how much you will be paid.

Q. How can I be sure I’ll be happy with what is published?

A. We always read your story back to you before it is published and you can make as many changes you like until you are 100% happy.

Q. Can I only sell my story once?

A. No. We are dedicated to getting you as much money as possible, so we regularly sell your story to more than one publication on your behalf.

Q. When do I get paid?

A. You normally receive your money within four to six weeks after your story has been published.

Q. Do you take any of my money?

A. No we do not.  Unlike other other Agencies we do not charge a fee or take any commission from you.  Our service to you is totally FREE.

Q. Can my story be published again without my knowledge?

A. No, Again we need your permission each time your story is sold to a publication.

Q. I’m not quite sure if I want to sell my story – Can I still contact you?

A. Yes of course you can.  We’re happy to talk to you and answer all your questions and if you still aren’t happy then there’s no obligation to sell your story.

Q. What photos do I need?

A. Well, that depends on the story. In all cases we do need photos unless your story is anonymous. We need whatever photographs you have that will illustrate your story. IE, wedding photos or family shots or photos of injures. Well will be able to tell you more when we know more about your story.  We do reserve syndication rights of all photographs.

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