You Have A Story But Don’t Know How To Sell It!

Don’t worry, you are not are your own.  The majority of people who want to sell their story have never had any dealings with a journalist let alone dealt with the media. But not to worry, we are here to help you and give you free, uncomplicated and more importantly, confidential advice.
The Front Page Story Agency has specialised in selling your stories to the Magazines and Newspapers for 25 years – so if you’ve never sold a story before… Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.  Most people worry that if they talk to a journalist that their story will appear in publication without their consent.  This WILL NEVER happen with us.  Everything you tell us about your story is totally confidential.  After we have given you advice about selling your story and you have decided that you don’t want to sell your story after all – then that’s the end of it.  You will have full confidence and peace of mind that your story will not be appearing anywhere.
But if you do decide that you want to go ahead and sell your story then we set to work for you.  We search the market and speak to ALL the magazines and newspapers to get you the BEST deal.  Often resulting in more that one publication and getting you even more money.  And very importantly – we make sure that  you are in control of selling your story at all times.  We are pleased to say that we offer our service to you – FREE OF CHARGE.  Nor do we take any commission from your money that we have secured for you from the magazine.
Our Promises Include:
Full and confidential advice.
Legal Advice:  We are able to tell you if there any legal problems with you story they may prevent it from being able to be sold and also what is needed in order to sell your story, including handling your magazine contract and making sure that your story is read back to you BEFORE it is published.
A True and Honest valuation:  We will be straight with you as to how much money you might get when you sell your story and how many times we may be able to sell your story.
Money:  We make sure that you get paid and get paid on time and no-one takes a cut of your money.
Peace Of Mind:  We put everything in writing for you so you stay in control and know exactly where you stand.
Total Support:  It is important to us here at the Front Page Story Agency that you have a great experience when you sell your story. We are here for you 24-7.  We are contactable on Twitter, Facebook, email phone and text. We are here for you right up until the end and MORE… Once your story is published we are still here for you whenever you want us to be.