Selling Your Story.. The FACTS

More than likely when you decide you want to sell your story to a Woman’s Magazine – the Internet is normally the first place you look. When you type SELL MY STORY or SELL YOUR STORY into Google you will get a load of different agencies and even magazines telling you to go direct to them with your story.  It can be a mine field and  really confusing. Yes, you have it mind that you want to sell your story and of course you want the best deal for your story too, but how do you get it?!

Well, first of all, it’s really easy to think that by sending your story direct that you will get more money. After all it kind of makes sense!  WRONG! Yes, you will be offered a fee for your story but how do you know it’s the best one?
Sell Your Story
By sending your story directly to a magazine you don’t know and have no way of knowing what price another magazine would offer you for your story. In most case’s you will be offered less because the magazine will know that they don’t have to compete with any other magazines that may want your story. Also, you will be asked to sign a contract that won’t be allow you to approach any other publication in order to get a 2nd or even a 3rd deal for your story. As quite often some magazines are happy to publish your story for the second or even third time.  So really you could even be LOSING money.
We always aim to get you a double or triple deal with the magazines, therefore doubling or even tripling your money for you.  So, it really is a case of shopping around, but unless you know how to do it – it can seem and be a really long and daunting task.
But not to worry, this is where we come in.  We work on a daily basis with ALL the TOP UK Women’s Magazines including, Bella, Chat, Take A Break, Pick Me Up, That’s life, Love It! Real People, Woman, Woman’s Own, Closer and that’s just to name a few. We also, work with all of the National Newspapers too as well as daytime TV programs.
How do we guarantee to get you the most money?  Well, that’s easy.    First of all we have a friendly chat to you about your story and if it’s one we feel we can put forward to the magazines for publication.. we do just that! BUT, we send your story to ALL of the magazines at the same time and leave them to fight it out!.  Whoever wants your story the most and with a little persuasion from us, BINGO, we get you the best fee around!  Please see our testimonial from Gemma Swaddle, this is exactly what happened to her.
But the most IMPORTANT thing that you should know – is that our service to YOU is entirely FREE OF CHARGE.  We do not take and commission from your money the magazine has offered you nor do we charge YOU a fee for our services. Whatever amount of money we have secured for you from the magazine for your story, we will send you a contract on the magazines headed paper showing the FULL amount they have offered you.  You will receive that full amount.  You can decided how you wish to receive your money, it can be by either bank transfer of cheque.
Sell Your Story
How do we get paid? Well, after your story has been published and appeared in the magazine and you have been paid – we then bill the magazine direct for our writing services.
By using a true story agent like us instead of going directly to a magazine you will not only get more money for your story but will have the security that we are on hand 24-7 to help and guide you through the process of selling your story. You will not be passed from person to person, you will deal with us direct and will have access to us at all times either by Phone, Text. Email, Facebook and Twitter.
So, don’t be hasty and go direct to any magazine, give us a call and let us shop around for you. We promise to get you the best deal around.